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Industry Leader

Pulse Capital Investments is the world's leading Trading specializes in international financial markets on shares of US, UK, Japan, Latam Commodities and Spot Metals. The company is regulated and. The safety of customer funds has always been part of our motto to our trading conditions and customer service. With worldwide recognition for excellence, solid reputation and numerous awards presented, our clients are assured that your funds are held safely, transparency and integrity.

Accounts with first class Banks

Pulse Capital Investments offers banking and treasury services through top-tier banks. All banks are completely independent and do not hold any responsibility for Pulse Capital Investments and its customers.

Segregation of client funds

Pulse Capital Investments maintains segregated client accounts by following a strict policy to ensure that client funds are completely separate from the equity of Pulse Capital Investments at all times. As a customer, you can rest easy because their funds are absolutely safe. The funds will be deposited and protected by Pulse Capital Investments.

Risk management.

Pulse Capital Investments through its award-winning trading platforms, provides an automated risk management system.