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This brief statement does not disclose all of the risks and other significant aspects of trading in leveraged investments. In light of the risks, the Client should undertake such transactions only if the Client understands the nature of the contracts (and contractual relationships) into which the Client are entering and the extent of the Client exposure to risk. The Client should carefully consider whether trading is appropriate for the Client in light of the Client experience, objectives, financial resources and other circumstances. All investors should read and understand the Risk Disclosure Statement related to the trading of CFDs transactions which are provided to all investors in connection with the opening of a trading account with PULSE. Due to the volatile nature of the CFDs, the purchase and sale of CFDs involve a high degree of risk. CFDs transactions are not suitable for many members of the public. Such transactions should be entered into only by persons who have carefully considered the risks involved with the trading of CFDs. A person should not purchase or sell CFDs unless he/she is prepared to sustain a total loss of the purchase or sell price and with regard to CFDs, total losses may far exceed the purchase or sell price.

The high degree of leverage available can work against the Client as well as for the Client. The possibility exists that the Client could sustain a loss of some, all, or far more than all of the Client investments and therefore the Client should not invest money that the Client cannot afford to lose. The Client may be liable for losses that exceed the amount of margin that the Client posts. By making such investments, the Client is deemed to guarantee that the Client is able to assume the risks implied by CFD transactions.

“CFD” stands for “Contract for Difference”. A “Contract for Difference” or “CFD” is a contract between two parties, to exchange the difference between the opening and closing values of a trading instrument, multiplied by the number of CFDs in the contract. CFDs can be contracts with a futures, commodities, indices, foreign exchange, and/or shares as the underlying market. A CFD is a derivative product. A derivative is a financial product whose value is derived from the value of an underlying futures, commodities, indices, foreign exchange, and/or shares. CFDs are traded over the counter (they are not traded on a regulated exchange) allow retail investors to trade on fluctuations in the trading instrument price without having to own those trading instruments.

For CFD trading, we do not accept customers from the United States of America. It is the Client responsibility to make sure that there is no impediment, legal or otherwise, preventing the Client from trading through us and in the event that the Client is prohibited from trading with us and do so, we shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for such prohibited trading. It is the Client’s responsibility to refrain from trading through us in case he/she is prohibited to do so and we shall not be held responsible in case the Client does not fulfill this obligation.