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Trade more stock indices, for longer, for less with Pulse Capital Investments. We are a leader in index trading, providing indices from more than 15 countries with tight spreads, low initial margins, many 24-hour markets, and guaranteed stop orders on all of the indices we offer. Index CFDs allow you to gain exposure to a wide collection of shares with a single order, so you can take a position on the direction of the entire market, not on just an individual company.

Europe North America Asia

•UK 100

•Nethrlands 25

•France 40

•Germany 30

•Germany Mid-Cap 50

•EU Stocks 50

•Spain 35

•Italy 40

•Switzer land 25

•WallStreet 30

•US PX 500

•US Tech 100

•US Small-Cap2000

•Hong Kong 40

•Japan 225

For a complete list of our shares CFDs, please refer to the Market Information Sheet