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Bond Trading with Pulse Capital Investments

Pulse Capital Investments helps investors build a diverse portfolio with offline trading of a large range of Government, Pulse Capital Investments and Corporate Bonds in the British Pound, the Euro and the US Dollar. Our specialist dealers take bond trading orders by telephone, e-mail or other online communication and clients can then monitor their bond investments in real-time through Pulse Capital Investments trading platforms.

The Bond Trading Advantage

Bond trading with Pulse Capital Investments is now even more attractive. Up to 92% of bond collateral can be utilized for trading margin products in the Forex and Oil Futures markets, along with leveraged online CFD trading. Existing bonds deposited with Pulse Capital Investments also become eligible as margin collateral, using the bond rating to set the value available for collateral.

Fixed Income Bonds at Pulse Capital Investments:

•Up to 92% of bond collateral in a Pulse Capital Investments trading account can be made available for margin trading of Forex, Futures and CFDs

•Low bond trading commissions.

•Extensive selection of Government, Pulse Capital Investments and Corporate bonds available.

•Track bond investments in real-time on Pulse Capital Investments online trading platforms.

•Live charting and bond issuer research tools.

Investing in bonds means taking profit from the interest paid by the issuers that can be governments or corporates.

At Pulse Capital Investments a skilled investment manager will build a bond portfolio which reflects your wishes and preferences.

With us you can choose the most appropriate strategy for your investment which includes:

•the maximum length of maturity of your portfolio

•the safe level of your investment by selecting the bond credit rating

•the issuers’ nationality by selecting among Worldwide Countries

•the reference currencies of the investment: EUR, USD, CHF, GBP and other currencies on request

For a complete list of our shares CFDs, please refer to the Market Information Sheet