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Tight Spreads

Pulse is renowned for offering famously tight spreads. The tighter the spread, the easier and faster it is for you to make a profit. We are committed to offering our clients ultra-tight spreads, which has helped us to become one of the leading players in the industry. Open a standard account with Pulse to receive tight spreads on more than 6000 products, including stock indices, individual equities, commodities, metals, currencies interest rates and bonds. With spreads as low as .1% on individual equities, and margin requirements as low as .5%, there are low costs to begin spread betting with Pulse.

Risk Management

Trading on margin increases your risk because you can potentially lose more than your initial deposit. However, there are many ways of managing your risk with a range of flexible orders including Limits (Take Profits), Stop-losses, OCOs (One Cancels the Other) and If Dones. All of these orders can be placed online and are free to use. Pulse also offers clients the opportunity to use a guaranteed stop, although these are not available across Market maker. Guaranteed stops enable you to place a stop order at a predetermined level in order for you to guarantee your maximum loss. Therefore, you have a known “worst case scenario” should the market move against you. Because we guarantee the price at which the trade is stopped, there are conditions to this type of order. Specifically, there is a premium charge when opening the trade, additionally, any stop loss can only be placed a minimum number of points / percentage away from the current market price. It is rare to find guaranteed stops in the traditional share trading environment.

Extended Hours and Trading Service

Pulse offers extended CFD trading hours on a number of Stocks and Indices. It is important to note that betting on extended hours shares may mean that the underlying markets move against you and increase your margin requirement at times when banks are closed for business. Therefore, you should take this into account when deciding what level of funds to deposit with us in order to satisfy the margin requirements at all times. As Pulse offers 24 hour global trading, we have both dealing and client services staff here from Sunday night through Friday night to support your CFD trading.

Competitive Pricing and Low Commissions for CFDs on 6000+ Financial Instruments

When you trade with Pulse, you have very low costs to get into and out of the markets. A low commission charge is applied to equities, shares, commodities and currencies. As we are committed to offering you the most competitive trading service, we intend this commission charge to be the lowest on the market. With more than 6000 products available as CFDs, including currencies , indices, equities, commodities, interest rates and bonds, you can trade what you want while receiving some of the best prices in the industry.

Multiple Order Types, Including Trailing Stops and Guaranteed Stops on Select Markets

Place a wide range of order types designed to help you get in and out of the market quickly, and to help protect profits or limit losses. Set guaranteed stops on selected markets to ensure your stop loss is triggered at the value you specify, and place trailing stop orders to automatically follow price movements to help you lock in profits.

In addition to quick and simple market orders, you can also place limit orders to help protect profits, stop orders to help limit losses, and order-cancels-order and parent-and-contingent orders to combine multiple order types into one order.


Dividends will be treated in the same way as single stock CFDs. A separate cash adjustment will be made on ex-date, crediting your account if you are long and debiting your account if short. Trading on margin magnifies dividends as well as price movements and if you hold a long CFD position on its ex-dividend day, you will receive dividends as if you held the stock.


Take advantage of falling markets with direct short selling. With CFDs, short selling to take advantage of downward price movements is just as easy as buying the stock; much easier than in stock trading. Executing a short sell is done in exactly the same way as a long trade and can be done on a live tradable price quote.


Magnify small intra-day price swings by depositing only a fraction of the trade value in collateral (from as little as 0.5%). Pulse allows you to leverage stock and index CFD investments up to 20x (.5% margin requirement) where an investment of only USD 10,000 can be used to command a CFD position of up to USD 200,000 in the market.

Pulse doesn't get a profit from your losses

At Pulse, we allow our clients to execute the underlying equity trade in the market themselves, simultaneously receiving the matching CFD, which will exactly replicate the underlying share.

Pulse does not make a profit or loss as a result of the investor's CFD position. Now also consider the fact that when you deal through a provider that spreads the market price, that broker is acting as a market maker. They are under no obligation to offer direct market access and they are under no obligation to quote you the best spreads. In fact, it is in their best interest for you to lose money. At Pulse, we 100% hedge every one of our client positions. We do not make money from your losses. The only way that we make money is through commissions and financing charges, so our interests are absolutely aligned. If you make money and increase your trading, we make more commissions from you and you continue to make more money from your trading.