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ETFs or ETF’s are hybrid instruments investment between funds and actions, so that meet the diversification offered by the fund portfolio with the flexibility of being able to enter and leave the fund with a simple operation on the stock exchange.

ETF’s are therefore investment funds whose shares are traded and settled exactly like stocks. Unlike traditional equity funds, which only can subscribe or reimburse the close of each session, ETF’s are bought and sold on the stock exchange, as any action.

When you buy an ETF’s on an index such as the Dow Jones industrial average, is acquiring the 30 stocks that make up the index, without make them one by one. Moreover they traded in real time, as any action.

The liquidity of ETF’s is essentially the same portfolio of securities comprising the benchmark index, and access to this liquidity is guaranteed through the figure of the specialist intermediaries that undertake to provide buying and selling prices of the shares of the ETF’s at any time during the session.

ETF’s have opened a whole new range of investment opportunities for both individual investors and institutional managers, since they allow to gain exposure to countries, regions, sectors and various asset classes through a simple operation on the stock market ETF’s exist both on the various stock indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Dax, CAC etc. ..) and on sectorial indices (renewable energy, banking sector, technology, commodities) and even on these bonds traded in real time and at a lower cost than many other investment vehicles.