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The ETFs are very accessible to the investor assets. Buying and selling ETF’s is done, as with stocks, through the usual financial intermediaries and in the same trading hours.


Operating with ETF’s can buy or sell at any time of the trading session, without having to wait to assess the fund and be priced at the end of the session.


ETF’s represent an índex at any time the composition of the ETFs and is known as both can have real-time information on their contributions during the time of recruitment, their prices are easily testable. The market offers all relevant information on products traded prices, volumes, daily composition of the fund in real time.


ETF’s are highly líquid products. The negotiation is done in the automated quotation system and the investor can buy and sell at any time during the trading session. In addition, each ETF’s has specialists who provide liquidity to the fund contributed by its permanent presence in the market both purchase and sale.


The use of ETF’s

is already a constant in the daily operations of institutional investors. These products are already established in international markets.